Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holistic Circumcision

Its been a while since my last post (over a month!). I have been extremely busy with school and other things so I have not been able to post on here. However, I am almost done with this semester, so I will be posting a lot more frequently than before.

I wanted to continue the theme of raising babies naturally and healthfully, so I have posted a link for people who would like to circumcise their sons in a more humane and less painful/stressful manner. The website is Holistic Circumcision.

This is an important resource for parents who still believe in the virtues of the Biblical practice of circumcision, but would like it to be as gentle on their son as possible. I hope this is helpful!

Update (Oct, 4 2009): I have since reversed me view of circumcision and now I believe it to be a horrendous practice. Through research I have found out that the circumcision described in the Bible is not as barbaric as the practice done in hospitals today. I have removed the above website from my sites of interest and do not promote it anymore.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Site

I just found this great blog! I am so excited! Everybody should check it out!

The News today...

Some very poignant news has been reported today.

First, ABC news has reported how the upcoming election (8 days from now) will effect the teetering future of the FDA. I say, good riddance to them! They never do their job, and they spend a majority of their time keeping harmless natural health products such as raw milk and herbs from those who want to use it, yet they let(time and time again) tainted medicines-- I use that term very loosely--get to their unsuspecting users. What happens when you cannot do your job well (or if your not doing what your job describes)? -- you get fired, and it is high time the FDA got fired!

In more disturbing news, it was reported that the UK has begun adding toxic fluoride to children's milk in schools -- yet another unhealthful addition to children's diets. Let's just hope that such a practice will not be instituted in the United States.

Another article by ABC news details how staph infections are getting harder to kill. I wonder why? Could it be because of all the unnecessary antibiotics pumped into us through commercial meat/dairy, tap water? Could it be because antibiotics are given out like candy to people who will not benefit from them (i.e. cold and flu sufferers)? Mysterious...

ABC news is really pumping out misinformation today. In another article, Ten Myths Misconceptions About Cold & Flu, the article is full of dangerous and false information. False information like getting a flu shot during pregnancy is a great idea--its like they want the kids to be born with autism/other behavioral problems. This article is basically an advertisement for flu shots.

Today's news was somewhat disappointing, depressing and misleading. For more accurate and helpful news, I always check Natural News or Mercola before I check what the MSM has to say about health.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Sites of Interest

Just wanted to post some website that I think are pretty useful.

The first one I have talked about a few times on this blog, it is Natural Birth and Baby Care.

I provides some invaluable information for raising a healthy baby, naturally.

The second one is one that I think is important because I have read a lot of negative things about circumcisions, but I really do not buy into the negative hype. The website is about holistic circumcision, and it is a really helpful resource for those who want to circumcise their sons naturally, with minimal pain to the child.

The third website is a website that details the milestones that babies should be reaching as the grow.

I will be adding these websites to my sites of interest area on the right-hand side of this blog, beneath the poll. I hope that these website prove to be useful.

Update (Oct 4. 2009): I no longer support circumcision, just a want to let you all know! I am against it now.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Soy Truth

Hello Everyone! Sorry that I have been a bit absent from this blog the last few days, but I do have something really important to share this post.

I was perusing the articles on Dr. Mercola's website, and I came a cross an article that really drives home the point that soy is NOT a health food.

The article, entitled The Evidence Against Soy, shows just unhealthy this product really is.

It contributes to early puberty in girls, all kinds of hormonal problems in boys, a host of cancers: it is just not good for consumption.

Now Fermented soy is not as bad, because the fermentation process eliminates a lot of the problems associated with unfermented soy. Still, fermented or not, soy should not be consumed in large quantities.

I thought the article was really good, and I also enjoyed the comments to the article. Very nice exchange of information.

This one comment by a user, Bert Grosman, was pretty good:

Saturated fat and cholesterol have nothing to do with cardiovascular disease. The correlation between them is the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the people of the world. Following are a number of little known facts regarding cholesterol which are in direct conflict with commonly accepted assumptions. Cholesterol is a requirement of every living cell and we cannot live without it. It is the building block of sex hormones. Fifteen percent of the dry weight of the human brain is cholesterol. The body synthesizes 2,000 mg. daily of this essential substance. In comparison, even a high cholesterol diet provides only about 800 mg. Furthermore, when large quantities of cholesterol are ingested the body simply synthesizes less such that an excess is avoided. Animal studies which induced atheroma with dietary cholesterol used the human equivalent of 15,000 mg. of cholesterol a day. Animals fed a diet consisting of 81% animal fat, but with concurrent high levels of protein, vitamins and minerals showed no pathological changes in the aorta or the heart. Studies of primitive African cultures have shown no correlation between dietary intake and atherosclerosis even among 400 men of the Masai tribe who ate meat and milk exclusively. A strong correlation did exist, however, between atherosclerosis and consumption of refined sugar flour and vegetable oils. In 1914 only 15% of all heart disease was athero sclerotic in nature; today that has risen to over 90%. Over 50% of adult Americans now die of cardiovascular disease. Yet the only significant change in dietary patterns in Western countries over the last 100 years has not been in fat consumption but in refined sugar and flour intake. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on research.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bailout info

Since this country, the United States, and others like Great Britain, are in a financial crisis, I am posting some information on the proposed and rejected $700 billion dollar bailout. Here is a good link:

And here is a great video that I watched this morning about money, what it is, and how we are basically stuck in a debt-ridden system.

This video is beneficial where every you live, whether it be here in the U.S., or in Europe or wherever, this video has information that is applicable to you. It is 48 minutes long, but it is well worth it because it will give you a greater understanding of what is going on with not only the U.S. financial crisis, but ultimately the world financial crisis.

Answer to Some Comments

A user named Orlin left the following comment:

Sorry for the mistake well referring to your name Ella. sorry for the Ammy word. Whoops.

Don't worry about it! Ella is my pen-name, Emily is my birth name, I am not offended if you refer to me as Emily or Ella, either one is fine. Now that that is cleared up, another reader named Kate left this comment:

For years I've been reading on Natural News that cows milk (in addition to being pasturised and homogenised) is for baby cows, is full of pus, causes mucus, contains dead white blood cells and natural growth hormones (for baby cows) as well as man made hormones to fatten up the cows etc etc etc

OK, so Raw Milk solves the issue of pasturisation and homogenisation - but it still has all the other stuff which was addressed on natural news (in the past) and (currently) for years.

I am so confused. I understand about raw milk being live food, with enzymes - but I just can't get it off my mind that 'cows milk is for baby cows' and contains all those nasty things as reported by Mike Adams (previously) and NotMilk.

If drinking raw milk - does it still contain growth hormones (natural, for growing baby cows), dead blood cells and it mucus forming?

Was all that info on NotMilk wrong?

Would love to not feel guilty about drinking raw milk again.

Kate xx


The other factors in milk that you have listed may be associated with more commercial dairy cows, not necessarily raw milk cows. See, I do not advocate just drinking raw milk, I advocate drinking raw milk from healthy, grass-fed cows who have not consumed the man-made hormones. Even if baby cows were only meant to consume raw milk, then pus and dead white cells in milk would probably not be that healthy for the calf.

In essence, I have no real way of knowing whether or not the situation of pus, dead-white blood cells, or any other nefarious cow products are related to the stressed conditions that commercial dairy cows suffer and if it is the same for raw milk cows. Raw milk cows are raised in a substantially better environment than commercial dairy cows, which are often mistreated, stressed and fraught with disease.

I visited the notmilk website, and it really seemed to be a bastian for not only the soy industry, but the vegetarian industry that seeks to make artificial alternatives to what is natural and what has worked.

I used to be on the no-milk agenda, because everyone says it is unhealthy, especially raw milk. I changed because my health deteriorated because I substituted with soy, and I was eating well. My reasoning is this, if raw milk was really as bad as people made it out to be, then how is it that they many civilizations that relied on such dairy products survived? That is the question I asked myself.

As far as baby calves are concerned, I am not sure how they factor into the equation as far as milk being solely for calves. I think though that cows produce a lot of milk so that people and calves can be healthy. I read some where that cows produce about 5 gallons a day! But I will call my local raw milk provider and get their take on it and ask exactly how that works.

In summary, you don't need to feel guilty about drinking raw milk. It is healthy, and has sustained families for centuries. And if your concerned about it causing weight gain, I actually lost five lbs once I started drinking it. Raw milk has been known to have that kind of weight-loss affect.

One more thing, I no this isn't really scientific or anything, but I noticed that raw milk causes less mucus than regular dairy. I used to sing in my church choir, and when ever we had a performance, the director would tell us not to drink milk before the performance. Although I don't sing in that choir any more, the heavy feeling of mucus on my vocal chords hasn't been there in a while. But I will have to look into that as well for you.

Monday, September 29, 2008


I am not a huge fan of conspiracy theories, and I always try to objectively view the evidence before coming to any conclusions. I don't mean to come off paranoid, I try to always think things through when I see things like this, and the video has some pretty valid points I kind of stumbled on this video on youtube about a covert operation by the government, where they spray chemtrails. If you look up in the sky on a clear day, you might see some jets or airplanes flying overhead, leaving behind a trail that is supposed to disappear. Well, the maker of the video believes that the chemicals left behind these jets serve a dubious purpose.

Supposedly, there has been a continual spraying of low density particles in the sky. I. Like, the video shows a picture of deep blue skies during the day, and a beautiful display of stars at nighttime in Arizona. While I have always lived in Pennsylvania, I can comfortably say that I have never really seen such deep colors in the sky before.

The Pennsylvania skies are usually that pale blue color/white color that is described in the video. And on overcast nights, the sky is usually red (not sure if that has a whole lot to do with the video or chemicals sprayed in the air, but I have always wondered why the sky is so red at night).

Any way, the video goes on to say that these chemtrails have been sprayed over America since World War II for sinister reasons. The chemicals in the spray are known to cause infertility, and lower the pH of the rain.

Here is the video:

it is about 40 minutes long but I think it is pretty important to watch.

At first, I thought the message of this video was kind of ridiculous. I mean, the government spraying chemicals over us to poison us? It seemed kind of silly. But then, once I thought about it more, it seemed a lot more plausible. I mean, they sprayed chemical pesticides over San Francisco this year, the FDA continues to poison us with their so-called medicines, and more recently, our own government laid the burden of bailing out the stock markets on us the tax payer, to the tune of $700 billion dollars. So why not? I mean, our government has had our best interests at heart, this would seem like a small task considering their track-record.

A good website for more about this is mentioned in the video, but I will post it here. The website is called Carnicon, and it has a wealth of information.

Another video which is interesting:

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What to do and FWW

With the U.S. economy currently circling the drain, it would be a wise move to begin taking care of ourselves by starting our own gardens, and producing our own food.

The best way to accomplish this is by raising chickens (pigeons or turkeys, which ever you have the most space for), and goats, and vegetables in a natural and sustainable way.

Forest gardening or other permaculture systems will work to provide a near-year-round supply of vegetation. Chickens do supply a year-round supply of eggs (even without a rooster) and goats can supply a good amount of milk as well. Another bonus to raising chickens and goats is that their manure is chock-full of nutrients that will be vital for the survival of your permaculture/forest garden.

This brings me to the Featured Website of the Week: Organic Gardening and Homesteading.

This website can provide vital tools for creating your own homestead, and having your own food supply will be vital in keeping you and your family healthy and well during a difficult period--homesteading helped those during the 1929 crisis.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Evils of CPS

This is despicable...

Homeschooling Ban in California

On Natural News, there was an article which detailed the despicable actions of the State of California in making home-schooling illegal.

As a product of homeschooling, I can tell you that this ban has absolutely nothing to do with the poor education of homeschoolers! From personal experience, parents teach their children very well. It is all about controlling people's children. It is so that when ever you are suspected of 'neglect' or 'abuse', they can take your children away at any time they want. If they deem you to be unfit--because you are actually unfit or because you don't play by their rules--they will have your children taken away from you. Here is a quote from the article that is particularly menacing,

"A primary purpose of the educational system is to train school children in good citizenship, patriotism and loyalty to the state and the nation," Croskey wrote.
Patriotism is a great thing to instill in children and that is something that I think parents could better instill in their own children than what could be impressed by public/private schools . So what about that statement is menacing? On the surface, it appears to be a harmless statement, but under closer scrutiny, it appears to reveal a more sinister goal.

That quote makes it seem as if education is not the concern, it seems like the concern is you won't teach your children government-approved things such as evolution, gay-marriage, how to be part of a whole instead of being an individual. Otherwise, why would parents not teach their children to be good citizens?

I mean, most parents want their children to be productive members of society. Most parents instill with in their children moral values, values like stealing is wrong, taking advantage of people is wrong, paying your taxes is a must, being a hard-working citizen is how to live life: these are just some of the values that many parents across America are teaching their children. The only way I could see homeschooling being a problem for them [the government] is because they do not know if you are teaching your kids what they want you to teach them; therefore, they have no control over how they think/act.

If you think about it, there are not a lot of things that schools will teach the children that the parents cannot. How will they become better citizens than if they were home-schooled? Call me crazy, paranoid, or any name that denotes either of those meaning, but I think it is so they can train your children to be good citizens by never questioning your doctor, always do what your told. It is away to suppress those crazy urgings to think on your own and be an individual.

If you homeschool your children, they cannot know if you are 'properly' medicating them with antidepressants, if they have received all of their vaccinations, they have no control over the future generations, and that is what is so bothersome about homeschooling.

Fortunately, there are other states where parents are allowed the freedom to rear their children the way that they see fit! And my home state of Pennsylvania is one of them. Hopefully, the North American Union will fall through, because if it is implemented, not only will home-schooling be eliminated, but natural health sites across the country will be eliminated as well.

I am entirely disappointed with the State of California. Words can hardly express my disdain for a State that strips its citizens of most of their rights. To me, California is like a testing ground for the different health freedoms to be taken away(1,2,3,4,5), environmental constraints, stripping parents of their freedoms: California is where we should look to the future of The United States, and it is looking rather bleak.

This is an important web page about protecting parental rights and everyone who is interested in raising their children as opposed to Uncle Sam raising their kids should look it over.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hi, I just wanted to apologize for not posting more on here. I have been swamped at school, but I have definitely been researching different subjects, along with working on new articles for Natural News.

I have been researching very interesting subjects that I will be posting on here and to natural news very shortly, so your continued patience would be greatly appreciated!

As a little preview, what I have been researching lately has been the subject of Entymology.

Entymology is the consumption of insects as a potential food source. Such ideas are greatly shunned in Western Society, but I think that it shouldn't be! More on that soon...

Again, I apologize for being neglectful of this blog and ultimately, you the reader, but I am definitely going to be presenting more and more new and interesting natural health topics!

Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Study about Pop Music

A new study by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine shows that popular music of today is filled with mostly sexual themes, a great portion of which is classified as degrading.

This really comes as no surprise to me because in order to be a popular musician, you have to write and produce these kind of songs. You cannot really even blame the music industry too much either, because even though they produce it, it is the consumer that laps up the negative themes portrayed in these songs.

What does this have to do with health, you might ask? Well, it has a lot to do with health because music contributes to whether or not there are positive themes in our hearts and minds. Listening to such music non-stop, which is what the typical teenager does, puts negative thoughts and images in our minds.

The study went on to point out that such music can influence the youth towards risky sexual behavior, and with the rising rates of sexually transmitted diseases, such risky behavior is something no one wants.

The Apostle Paul wrote something that I think everyone can get something out of:
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. (Phili. 4:8)
Can any justify the sexually charged music of today as being all the things described above? Can any make the case that such music is important to society? I am not writing this to bash the music industry, because as I have stated before, it is not entirely their doing. People in today's society crave depravity, and that is something that needs to be reversed.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Raw Milk Article

I was reading the articles on natural news, and I came across this article and I was totally enthralled with what the author wrote about. It, that is the article, was about the virtues of raw milk and how the government is doing its best to railroad peoples rights to choose one way or the other.

It is so true just how nutritious full-fat raw milk is:
* high in vitamins A (retinol), D3 and vitamin K
* high in B vitamins (although exposure to light can decrease the amounts)
* Lots of healthy bacteria that will keep your digestive track healthy and moving
* Natural, non-denatured proteins
* No pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics
* digestive enzymes galore

Bottom line, raw milk is amazing and everyone should drink it! I was so inspired by this article that I am going to go to my raw milk provider in between classes, buy a half-gallon, and drink it for lunch!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Response to All 4 Natural Health

A user named All 4 Natural Health wrote the following message:
Hi Ella,

I find it interesting how you have quoted the Bible to say that humans are supposed to eat (certain types of) meat. I've actually come across numerous people who quote the Bible in saying that humans are supposed to be vegetarians!

Personally, I believe in vegetarianism, although not for religious reasons; I just feel it makes sense, overall, for health, compassion, environment, etc.

I've nothing against meat-eating though. I still eat some. But if possible, I think we should go for organic meats. The regular commercially farmed animals are raised in such a terrible way, it just freaks me out sometimes.
You are right, there are many that quote the Bible to support vegetarianism by pointing to Adam and Eve. This observation has some problems however. For one thing, when Adam and Eve were in the garden, every thing was perfect. We don't live in Eden today, we live in a world where all food is contaminated to some degree, so being a pure vegetarian and maintaining good nutrition has become near-impossible. Another things is that people don't know whether or not the Lord would have continued the perpetual state of vegetarianism. By the way man was designed, it seems he is more suited for an omniverous diet.

There are also other Biblical Evidences that point to meat eating being established for eternity, so I don't think that the Lord has much of a problem with it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

High fructose corn syrup ad

As I was perusing the TV Channels, I came across this commercial that I found to be absolutely disgusting! No, it is more than disgusting, it is down-right lies.

The Corn Refiners Association(surprise, surprise!) decided to put this dribble on the television, falsely claiming that high-fructose corn syrup is as safe as regular sugar! I was speechless from the shear gall of these people! Lies, lies, lies! Can no one be truthful these days?
Here is the despicable ad:

If you want some real facts about high fructose corn syrup(HFCS), this article and many others should help.

Here are some facts about HFCS:
*Promotes weight-gain and diabetes (its a gift that truly keeps on giving!)
*Promotes insulin resistance (which leads to a laundry list of other problems)
This product, or by-product, should be banned!

There is one positive that can be found in the bed of lies, however. I was briefly browsing the comment section for this ad on youtube, and to my pleasant surprise, just about no one was buying what the Corn Refiners Association was selling. Most saw it as a hopeless ploy to undo the damage that has been done by the research of others. The internet has played a huge part in dispelling the mis-truths peddled by these scoundrels, and hopefully it will continue to operate that way.

For more info on HFCS, there are plenty of articles on how bad this by-product is, one being this article, and this one.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Article on Natural News

Some one emailed me with a critique of my latest article on Diabetes on Natural News.
They wrote:

I wish you had read more about Weston price before publishing your article that appeared recently in Natural News. Also maybe read Gary Taubes book "Good Calories, Bad Calories". You recommended in your article that people avoid fat in their diet. That is the most ridiculous thing. Diabetes is a carbohydrate disease and the cure is less carbs, more greans, more eggs, grassfed beef, organic pork, (good fats).

Although typed a response in the comment section, I still don't feel that my answer was what it should be.

This article was adapted from paper format to article format, and it was a paper I did for my nutrition class. I knew that the role that fat plays in insulin resistance is minimal at best, but I put that information in because my teacher who graded the project instructed me to do so. Not removing that information was an oversight on my part.

Carbohydrates are really the instigator of insulin resistance, and the commentor was correct in pointing out that fact. Also, I agree with almost everything the anonymous user recommends, with the exception of adding organic pork to the diet.

One important part of health I think is that the prescriptions of the Bible should be followed. The Bible does not condemn the practice of meat eating, but only the meats described by the Bible should be consumed. Animals that chew cud and part the hoof, birds that are not webbed footed or birds of prey, fish with fins and scales(these and more descriptions can be found in Lev. 11 and Deut. 14) : these prescription for health were given to us by God to protect us and keep us well.

Another prescription, Sabbath rest, needs to be observed as well. Vegetarians point to the good health of Seventh-day Adventists as evidence of their superior health. I do not think that it is the vegetarianism that contributes to the good health, because there are many in the Seventh-day Adventist faith who do eat meat (according to Biblical Command), and have the same health benefits. I believe this is because Seventh-day Adventists honor the Sabbath day as God commanded, along with the health prescriptions given.

With that said, the work of Dr. Price was very good, it showed the wonders of God's creation, but we need to follow the prescription of the Bible in terms of diet.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weston A. Price

For awhile now, I have been a big fan of Weston A. Price and his wokrin uncovering the importance of milk, eggs, butter, and meat in our diets. So, I have decided to read his ground-breaking book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, to read for myself these important facts.

There is a website which offers the book online, but I am a traditional reader. I like to carry my books around and read them whenever and wherever I want, as opposed to a computer where I have to find a desk and use a PC. Any way, I did read excerpts from the book, and from what I've read so far, I find it to be very impressive and I am looking forward to getting the book soon (I am getting it through my school's library).

I going to blog about what I read, which points of his I find to be valid and which ones I feel, from other things I've read, are not really good practices.

One thing that I saw in the internet book that I thought was quite fascinating was the fact that you can tell what kind of nutritional issues a mother had (what she didn't eat that she should have eaten) just be looking at her offspring's teeth and facial arrangement. It is a very good read, and I will keep you posted on a lot of its good information.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Featured Website of the Week

This weeks featured website is Sunfood Nutrtion. I like this website because it has a lot of good raw foods. They seem to be a reputable company, and they have good business practices.

I give it my stamp of approval!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another wonderful function of Broccoli

I was just perusing the articles on ScienceDaily and I came across an article that particularly piqued my interest. The article is entitles, "Broccoli Could Reverse The Heart Damaging Effects of Diabetes".

This to me represents another great function for this amazing vegetable. Broccoli once again turns out to be one of the best natural medicines around.

The wonderful, heart-saving effects can only come about by actually eating broccoli by the way, no "broccoli" supplements or anything of that nature. I am sure that these effects are multiplied 100 fold if the broccoli is organically grown.

I wanted to write about this not only because broccoli is healthy for you, but because broccoli is a perennial plant, which means that if you plant it, it will come back year after year. This is important, I think, because we need to start growing our own food. Since the FDA is hell-bent on irradiating the life (literally) out of our food supply, we need to fire back by not buying their unsafe, nuked veggies. Forest gardening, I believe, is the best alternative because it is low-maintenance, low-cost, produces high yields, along with utilizing natural ecosystems to maintain itself. It is the perfect solution!

If all of the natural food proponents could just start growing their own food, then we would be able to effect change. We could then advance onward to build community gardens for those in our neighborhoods who don't have the time, or the patience to grow food. That would better not only that one community but serve to benefit maybe the entire area. Maybe that is a bit to idealistic, maybe it is a tad naive, but it still is something I think that should be at least attempted.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Featured Website of the Week

This weeks featured website is Horizon's Herbs, a website that offers organically grown and produced seeds and plants that range from medicinal to just plain beautiful.

I plan to purchase a large amount of herbs from there in the near future as I set up my forest garden, and I think that this source is going to be one of the more valuable ones.

Update on Gardening

As of late, I have been doing a lot of research into forest gardening and the efficacy of the its practice, and frankly, I think it is the best gardening system I have come across! Now, I am pretty new to gardening techniques, but the way it works just makes so much sense.

A garden comprised of food bearing perennials(plants that return year after year) and some non-food bearing perennials that provides food and medicine year after year. It seems to just fit nicely with the current hustle and bustle of life since forest gardens require little upkeep.

To be more specific, the system works by the gardener selecting and pairing plants that not only provide food, but also provide a healthy environment for the other plants. For instance, selecting a tree that may not necessarily produce food but that infuses important nutrients like nitrogen into the soil makes the garden work particularly well. I am right now reading about the ginkgo tree and how well it is going to go in my future forest garden because it is a hardy tree that benefits the overall ecosystem. As an added bonus, it is a medicinal tree that has been used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine for boosting memory.

In summary, I am really excited about forest gardening and cannot wait to start mine! I will continually post about forest gardening because I think it is really important.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Arctic Ice Increases 30%

For those who still hold on to the Al Gorian world-view that the earth is being irreversibly warmed by SUVs, here is some new that might change your mind.

Arctic Ice, which global-warming-alarmist had predicted would be near gone this summer, were surprised to learn that arctic ice has increased by 30% from August 2007 to August 2008.

Time will have to tell, however, whether or not Al Gore will still throw his weight behind this man-made problem.


Blue Ribbon Baby Diet

The title of this post may seem a bit absurd, but this is by far the best diet for pregnancy I have come across. When I say diet, do not rush to think I am talking about diets that are in the realm of Atkins, South Beach, or other such popular poppycock! This diet is not about restriction, it is about eating what your baby needs to grow health and strong, and what the mother needs to maintain a healthy pregnancy. The below table can be used as a guideline to the mother's needs. More info about the blue ribbon baby diet can be found here.


Taken from:

This diet is about nurturing the mother and baby with good nutrition so that pregnancy complication such as toxemia, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and other problems can be prevented.

Although I think there needs to be some replacements to the diet, such as raw milk for the pasteurized, poisonous milk sold in supermarkets. Soy needs to be removed from the recommendations, sprouted grains, free-range, pastured chicken eggs needs to be replaced for regular eggs, and organic, locally grown produce needs to be added. One more thing, sea salt or himalayan salt needs to be substituted for the toxic table salt. Other than those suggestions, I think that the diet is a wonderful way to add greater health to mom and baby.

As an aside, some of you maybe scratching your head wondering why I have suggested raw milk during pregnancy. I just have to say that clean milk from healthy grass fed cows/sheep/goats does not have the same pathogenic risk. Also women have been drinking raw milk for literally centuries during pregnancy. When it comes from health cows, it is healthy for you.

Furthermore, earlier this year, 3 elderly men died, onne woman miscarried, another was infected but delivered a healthy baby after receiving Listeriosis from pasteurized milk, not raw milk. The story can be found here. That is because pasteurized milk is more of a gamble than raw milk because the heat kills most of the bacteria but not all of the bacteria, leaving the stronger pathogens to grow and mature. Pasteurized/homogenized milk is also associated with heart disease, diabetes, prostate problems, allergies and many other problems. Raw milk from pasture raised and fed, hormone- and antibiotic-free animals is best.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Soy Dangers

Today, I was reading the truth about soy products on the website Soy Online Service. Truly, this website is performing a great service by informing the public about the lies that have been perpetuated by the soy industry.

Soy has played a large part in my life because it affected me so negatively. I experienced extreme premenstrual syndrome (PMS) that made -- and sometimes still makes -- life exceptionally hard. I bought into the hype of all of the women's journals and the nutritionists and the magazines all proclaiming soy to be an invaluable source of nutrition. Frankly, it caused me hell, and I can only thank God that He allowed me to learn the truth before I suffered some of its more severe effects.

One fact that I think was very poignant was the fact that Asiatic communities do not consume as much soy as the soy industry would claim. Soy in Asia is used as a condiment, not as a substitute for meat foods.

I also found that the truth of how soy affects infant's mental, physical and sexual development to be quite revealing.

All in all, this website is a must for the health conscious so that the lies behind it can be dispelled.
Too many people are being tricked into thinking that they are doing something good by consuming this industrial waste product, only to find that they have only endangered themselves. Every one should read the articles on this web page.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Featured Website of the Week

This weeks featured website is Alex Jones' Infowars, because there is most certainly a war for your mind.

This website is important because I reveals the truth that everyone needs to know, and allows for this truth to be made known.

I think it is more important than ever to really start learning the truth behind lies in not only the Medical Industry but the powers that be as well. That is precisely what I think this website is all about. It is also important to get this information out now, so that when it is unavailable, we can still have some semblance of what is really going on.

I hope you have time to peruse this sites articles, they are good, and I hope this site serves to unfold the truth. Have a good weekend.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Natural Baby Care

To Continue this week's theme of natural family and baby care, I am going to write about baby care that is not only wonderful for the family as a whole, but for the environment as well.

First, one technique that I thought was interesting and a great alternative to cloth and commercial diapers a like is the elimination communication technique (or infant potty-training as I like to call it). This technique requires a few diapers in the beginning, but as you pick up the baby's cues or signals that he (or she) needs to use the bathroom, it becomes easier. A great book on the subject would be Infant Potty Training by Laurie Boucke. This would be a great way to be eco-friendly and teach the child how to eliminate waste early on in life. Though this technique is aimed at infants, it can be used on older babies and toddlers as well.

Lastly, the most important natural baby care thing to do is to breast-feed, Breast-feed BREAST-FEED! I used such strong emphasis because it is very important for the baby that it is breast fed. The only time a baby should not be breast is if for some reason the mother is unable (HIV/AIDS or some other disease that makes it unsafe to breast feed). Natural breast milk provides all the nutrition a baby needs early on in life, provided the mother eats nutritiously, and creates a wonderful bond between mother and child. But, for those who cannot breast-feed, raw organic goats milk is the best alternative (cow's milk contains proteins that most babies cannot digest). Soy formula should not be used because it contains soy protein which deprives the body of minerals and some vitamins, so only organic, raw goats milk should be used (if that is unavailable, just use organic goats milk).

An additional tip for breast-feeding is to learn different feeding positions. We all of pictures in our head of mother sitting upright in a rocking chair feeding the baby, but breast-feeding doesn't have to be that static. Try breast-feeding the baby while lying down. This way, the mother can sleep and the baby can eat, and that means both won't be very fussy later! Also, this allows the mother to get much need sleep while her baby is feeding, after all a well rested mother can lead to more quality time with the baby as well as other family members (husband, other children).

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Now, I am not one of those celebrity blogs, and I do not post about celebrity gossip or celebrities for that matter, but when it comes to celebrities promoting, upholding, and forwarding the spread of lies, I feel it necessary to post about it.

X-files actress Amanda Peet has publicly come out and said she has vaccinated her baby and has decided to do what she claims to be against: use her celebrity status to forward a position that should be left to the "experts".

I may be plain paranoid, but I have a strong feeling that Ms. Peet is just a pawn for the CDC/Vaccine makers. You have celebrities like Jenny Mcarthy, who has a child with autism (she was able to help him herself naturally by the way) and has come out against vaccination schedules, and you also have actor Charlie Sheen who is dead-set against vaccinating his two daughters (and was furious to learn they had been vaccinated without his consent); when you have celebrities such as the above learning and coming out against vaccines, I feel that getting Amanda Peet "on board" is just a way to try and combat this.

She does have something right though, as contradictory as her stance may be that you shouldn't listen to celebrities on issues like these, I agree; therefore, I must conclude that her testimony about vaccinating her daughter is nothing more than mere rhetoric to promote an evil agenda. I have actually done the research, and I will never vaccinate my children.


Monday, August 4, 2008


This weeks featured website is Natural Birth and Baby Care. This website provides an exceptionally valuable service because it shows how to naturally care for babies, good nutrition during pregnancy (and a few things that I didn't know!), as well as natural birthing tips.

I have been reading a lot of the articles and I can say that this website is one of the better ones for natural baby care.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cleaning Up the Environment

For the last few days, I have been focusing on being environmentally friendly. I have been doing this because I think it is important that we all un-learn our destructive behavior and adopt new, more earth-friendly habits.

Many people want to look at popular things like buying a hybrid to be environmentally friendly. Not that thats a bad thing, but there are many ways that the earth is being polluted and hardly anyone is aware of the simple solutions that could help reduce pollution. Now I don't believe the "Global Warming" hype as I have stated in a previous post, but that doesn't mean I believe in trashing the earth.

So here are two ideas that I think will affect our health and environment greatly. First, I think that women should convert from disposable menstrual pads to the reusable cotton variety. It is less expensive because you don't have to keep buying a ton of pads every month. It is also healthier because organic cotton menstrual pads do not contain dioxin, bleach, glues or other chemicals that could be harmful. From an environmental stand point, this would create less trash because there is a great preponderance of feminine care products (pads, tampons, applicators, etc.) that fill landfills. A great source for natural, reusable cotton pads is LunaPads.

Secondly, this suggestion is really along the same lines as the first. Instead of using disposable baby diapers, use reusable cloth. This has many health benefits because cotton diapers are more breathable than the disposables, and they do not have the same kind of glues or other chemicals in them that could harm the baby in the long run. Also, you have less diaper rash, and that is better for everyone involved! For the same reason as disposable menstrual pads, cloth diapers are much better for the environment. A good source of cloth diapers is Green Mountain Diapers.

All in all, we can do things like buy a hybrid, and that is good; however, we also need to think on a smaller scale of how our trash is affecting the world and how we can take smaller steps to clean up the earth. Plant a tree, walk more, use reusable personal care products, these are just some of the small, simple steps that need to be taken to create a better environment.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

New Kind of Gardening Technique

Good Morning! I was just doing some morning reading when I came across a website that details a new kind of gardening which provides greater yields and is more eco-friendly! It is called Forest Gardening. Now, it is still new to me, but it looks like it is a great form of gardening.

If we really want to help the environment, I think it is imperative that a large portion of people begin, sustainable, natural home gardening. I think Forest Gardening can provide just that! It is supposed to work by mimicking the ecosystems of forests, but since I am new to the system, I will give you the definition of forest gardening the website gives:
Edible forest gardening is the art and science of putting plants together in woodlandlike patterns that forge mutually beneficial relationships, creating a garden ecosystem that is more than the sum of its parts.
I plan on thoroughly perusing the website and maybe buying the books to better educate myself and you, the reader, about this form of gardening and how it can effect you, your offspring, and the environment.

But for now, I have learned one tip that will help Gardeners everywhere get better plants. Dissolve sea salt or Himalayan salt in pure water(maybe spring water) in a glass jar, and keep adding salt until it just barely dissolves --with a few salt crystals floating. And then, feed it to your plants, that will help restore minerals to the plants and soil.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Evironmentally Friendly Products

Recently, I have come across a product that I think will be helpful in being environmentally friendly. Now don't get me wrong, I do not hold to the Global Warming ideology; however, I do think it is important to be clean living and to be environmentally friendly.

Before I tell you about this product, I just want everyone to know that I am not, have not, and will not be payed or reimbursed for blogging about this or any other products. I am blogging about it because I think it is important to promote such a product to help people live more healthfully and environmentally friendly.

The product is the eco-friendly Bodhi Soap Nuts. This is a ground-breaking new way to get clean laundry, naturally, without the harsh chemicals. These nuts have been used in India for hundreds of years for the expressed purpose of getting naturally clean clothes. It comes from a tree known as the Chinese soapberry tree, it is bio-degradable (you can simply throw it on your compost heap after your done with them), and best of all it does not have carcinogens, skin irritation chemicals, or any such harmful chemicals that are harmful to the body and the environment. I have not tried them yet, but from what I have read, they seem to be the real deal. Mike Adams of Truth Publishing wrote a good review of Bodhi Soap Nuts, and from other reviews, this product seems great! I think this is a must in every household, and it would help the environment and preserve health.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Food prices

I was watching a commercial advertising a Big Mac for about 59 cents, and frankly, I was disgusted. Not the burger drizzled in trans fats, or the unhealthy bun, or the unholy amount of calories in the meal. What disturbed me the most was the idea that such un-nutritious can be so cheap.

Fast food and processed food of this kind are so inexpensive and available to the public at large that I think it is unfair. It makes the food in local co-ops or at Whole Foods seem like it isn’t worth the money! It also makes making wise food choices next to impossible – with such low prices, why buy organic alternatives? It sets the poor and uneducated up with poor health, keeping the cycle of obesity and health problems at their current and distressing position.

I am against senseless litigation, unfair law, and all that, and I feel this society is entirely too litigious, but I think it should be illegal to make these kinds of foods (and I use that term loosely). It’s unfair that you can get two burgers at some seedy fast-food joint for less than a dollar, yet healthful foods such as raw milk, organic fresh vegetables and fruit, organic whole grains, etc. are comparatively very expensive.

It just doesn’t seem right.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Featured Website of the Week

I did a post a week or so ago about my new-found respect for Traditional Chinese Medicine and medicinal Chinese herbs. So it seems only natural that I post as my featured website of the week the website, Plant Cures.

I have been trying for months to find a non-conventional method of getting rid of uterine fibroids for a friend. The conventional method (hysterectomy) was very troubling to me because I know that method would cause undue hormonal imbalances. I also learned recently that hysterectomies contribute to osteoporosis, so I definitely did not want my friend to got through that kind of heartache.

I was so elated to find this website! It has so much wonderful information, and a lot of good herbs that help with many problems. I am especially interested in the He Shou Wu, because it helps get rid of gray hairs and generally makes you healthier.

I hope you, the reader, finds this website useful to your many needs, it certainly has helped me.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I knew it!!

photo by Mike Adams of
photo URL:

Whilst perusing the articles on Natural news, I came across Mr. Mike Adams latest satirical drawing (very entertaining by the way) which I have posted above. The ensuing commentary beneath the cartoon struck me the most. It solidifies a long held fear that this whole tomato-salmonella non-sense was merely an attempt by FDA big-wigs to push food irradiation (which is essentially the process of nuking your food).

They create a problem (or simply not reveal the true source of the problem), make people sick, people demand something be done, the FDA mandates all produce be irradiated, and thus ends any semblance of health this nation once had.

I think people need to get over their fear of germs and bacteria. We live in an environment that is teaming with bacteria and viruses, there is no way to escape it! If you isolate yourself from all the germs, all you are going to end up with are immensely sick people. That is what is happening in the United States, I believe. I used to be a huge "germophobe", but I have since changed my ways and adopted a more mature relationship with bacteria. Bacteria is not bad if your Immune System is good, and your Immune System will not be good unless you expose yourself to bacteria and viruses.

More importantly than the general public resolving their fear of bacteria and germs, the Health Organizations need to wake up, or stop their fear-mongering, or some combination of both.

All in all, I had a stinking suspicion about the motives behind scaring the public into a tizzy about salmonella poisoning, and though there haven't been any admissions or calls for massive food irradiation, I think that in the coming weeks, we will see more of that.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Poll

Since the poll, 'Would (Do) You Drink Raw Milk', has concluded, with most (57%) of the 66 people who voted choosing drinking raw milk over not drinking raw milk, I am going to take that poll down and put up a new one.

The next poll is entitled, 'What is Your Favorite Form of Exercise?', and in this poll you will be able to select more than one answer. I came up with this poll because I am going to be emphasizing the importance of diet and exercise, a combination that often gets overlooked. So I want to get your opinion on what you like to do for exercise.

Have at it!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Update on Poll

Well everyone, the poll is just about to close and the results are still showing favor towards drinking raw milk, with the numbers showing 57% for drinking raw milk, 42% against drinking raw milk. 66 people weighed in on the subject.

The poll will close in approximately 32 minutes.

More later...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chinese Herbs

For a while now, I have been trying to shy away from herbs because like many, I thought that herbal medicine is just some form of quackery. But lately, I have been reversing my position.

I read this article on Natural News that peaked my attention. First, I was reading about the Schizandra Berry and its many "adaptogenic" effects. I can't really with any intelligence begin to describe the ins and outs of this herb, but from what I've read, it is very potent and can help with most problems.

I also have been reading about how Chinese medicine has been far ahead of Western Medicine for centuries.

I will bring more information as I get it, so stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Featured Website of the Week

This week, I have selected a website that is very relevant to one of the main health concerns in the United States: vaccination. I personally don't approve of vaccination, especially of newborns, and I thought this website would be very informative and helpful to any and all struggling with whether or not to vaccinate there children. It takes a lot of courage and questioning, especially since you may encounter hostility from your pediatrician/doctor, but it is well worth it -- your life and the lives of your children are far more important than the snippy remarks of any doctor/pediatrician.

Anyway, here is the web address:

As I have begun to learn, vaccines are responsible for far more than just Autism, they are responsible also for SIDS(Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), behavioral problems, learning disabilities, and some times death. This website shines a light on these and other effects of vaccines and it would be wise to peruse all of its insightful articles. Enjoy!

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Worst Part About the Natural Health Movement

It was 4 years ago when my entire view of health, nutrition, and medicine turned around. Before 2004, I could eat anything and not think twice about; I could just not have to worry too much about reading labels. Before that time, I knew next to nothing about natural health, good nutrition, and frankly, I shared the same prejudiced and biased view of those in the natural health community - that they were all a bunch of quacks who were just trying to stir things up. Before that fateful year, when everything was so uncomplicated, high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, GMO's, pesticides didn't exist or matter, that was for other people to debate about - not me.

Who knew a simple 30-minute infomercial could change a whole life? It was a Sunday, at around 8am, before Meet the Press, I saw with my brothers and dad an infomercial about a new and controversial book: Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudeau. Its amazing that before that very moment, I was as ignorant and unknowing as the next person. It made me see life as it was then, and life as it could be.

After watching the infomercial, buying and reading the book, I was able to see this whole new world of health that offered more answers than I could imagine. The book made me research, it made me want to learn, it made me grow. But it also made me stressed, and it made me worry about things that I could change. I began to worry about everything: how many vegetables me and me family were not eating, how little nutrients we actually were getting, the almost non-existent exercise I was getting. Everything was magnified, and every thing that went into my mouth came under intense scrutiny. Whether it was pizza, ice cream, cookies: whatever it was, it received a lot of attention and a lot of thought. Even today, thoughts of the unfair treatment the natural health movement has received in the media - from snide episodes of Seinfeld to the propaganda of main stream media - can keep me up for hours at night and keep me from sleeping.

The unending stress and worry the I feel is well worth it, however. I have learned so much in my 4 years of study, and I was really blessed by God to have been able to learn the things I have, done the things I have done, and been able to help myself and my family to become healthier and ultimately, happier. I now know how to keep my future family happy and healthy, and I am still learning about that every day. But I have developed a deep love for learning all about true health and nutrition, and not just what I see on The Today Show. I hope I am able to spread the word as much as I can about natural health, and I hope to join the many natural health practitioners myself by becoming a naturopathic nutritionist, so in the end, all the stress, all the hardship, all the heart ache was well worth it.

Since the book was published, many have sought to discredit it and make it seem like Kevin Trudeau is a fraud. As if all the things he said in the book were false. Whether or not he is a fraud, I cannot judge; however, I can discern that most of what he said was true, and that he did a good work by exposing millions to the world of Alternative Medicine, offering many answers that conventional medicine has suppressed and kept from the public. So what is the worst part about the Natural Health Movement? -- the stress that comes with being so health-conscious, but being so health-conscious is also what makes it great because you reap the benefits of your concern.

At any rate, I want to say once more that I am so very grateful to God and all the answers he has given and also for all of his wonderful creations.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Featured Website of the Week

This week's featured website is really a series of websites which I think are really important. These sites give gardeners tools to grow natural, bio-diverse foods. Reading through these websites and looking at all of the plants their seeds produce was truly fascinating! I never knew there were so many varieties of corn, tomatoes, broccoli, pumpkins, cucumbers, beans, etc. So I am really excited to blog about these sites because it is truly educational to discover just how many varieties of plants there are, and how we are missing out by buying the conventional versions of these plants. Furthermore, I think that with websites like these, we can fight back at companies like Monsanto by simply growing our own healthy, non-GMO foods; preserve the environment; and retain the bio-diversity of our favorite vegetation.

These Foods are:
1. Seed Savers Exchange
2. Amishland Heirloom Seeds
3. Heirloom Acres Seeds
4. Victory Heirloom Seeds

All of these websites supply a wide variety of different seeds and different kinds of plants, mostly organic. As an aspiring gardener, I will definitely utilize these sources for getting organic, truly non-GMO plants more so than the conventional seeds sold in stores.

These next few websites are really just for those who get these seeds and need to save them for the next season and to preserve this unique type of plant. This seed saving advice doesn't seem too difficult and it is very much worth it.
1. International Seed Saving Institute
2. Healthy & Green Living

I like to look at these websites, and those like them, as tools to better then evironment and improve health. Who knows what little wonders lie in the different variations of our favorite vegetables? Or even what different, more bio-available variations of vitamins and minerals are in these kinds of vegetables? Forget conventional seeds! Go with Heirlooms!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Update on Poll

As the days get closer to the closing of this poll, I just wanted to keep all abreast of how it is coming along. 58% out of 51 votes has come down in favor of drinking raw milk. There are only 19 days remaining in this poll, so I hope everyone will express their opinions and put their two cents in.

Whether you agree with it or not, I'd still like to hear what's your take on raw milk.

Lately, I have been reading the many benefits of raw milk, and many are hailing it as the perfect food. It contains most, if not all, of the essential nutrients required for life, provides a favorable balance between the Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, has lots of good protein, and supports a healthy lifestyle. It also contains very important friendly-bacteria that facilitates gastrointestinal health and basically keeps your gut feeling healthy.

I know this isn't stone-cold science, but from my personal experiences, raw milk has helped greatly improved my gastrointestinal health. I used to have these monster stomach aches like 3-4 times a week, leaving me bent over and needing to lie down (I suspected that I may becoming lactose intolerant or may have even had ulcerative colitis). Ever since I began drinking raw milk, I haven't had those pains since, so it gets my stamp of approval!

Additionally, raw goats milk, and possibly raw sheep milk, can be a healthy alternative to dangerous soy formulas when breast feeding is just not possible or practical. Since raw goats milk is more similar to human milk, babies can better tolerate it than raw cows milk and the conventional varieties. (see this article for some evidence

With these facts in mind and my little anecdote, just keep these themes in mind.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Featured Website of the Week

The Alliance for Natural Health website is a very good website providing up-to-date information on the goings-on in the natural health world. I just discovered this website this morning and thought I would share it with my readers.

And also, with this post I just wanted to post another video on the evils of Monsanto, the GMO (genetically modified organism) producing seed company that desires to control the world food supply. Hopefully, you have seen my other post about Monsanto and watched the video within. This is just a reminder that we need to fight for our right to be healthy, and fight for the safety of our food supply, and fight for knowledge about our where our food comes from and how it is produced. Get the word out to as many people as possible about the ills of this company. Thank you.

Alert! Big Pharma is moving to rid Vitamin B6 supplements! Action Needs to be Taken!

Here is an excerpt from the article:
On 30 November 2007, Medicure Pharma submitted a citizen’s petition to FDA that asserts that all dietary supplements containing pyridoxal 5’-phosphate (“P5P supplements”) are adulterated under FDC Act § 402(f). Despite the fact that P5P is the bioactive—and natural—form of vitamin B6, Medicure want to see the product banned from sale by the US dietary supplement industry because its marketing of P5P-containing supplements undermines the company’s incentive to continue developing its drug product (MC-1)...
Action must be taken. We must not sit in silence while the pharmaceutical industry railroads all natural health efforts. Another excerpt:

Medicure Pharma’s attempt to ban the natural, bioactive form of vitamin B6

On 30 November 2007, Medicure Pharma submitted a citizen’s petition to FDA that asserts that all dietary supplements containing pyridoxal 5’-phosphate (“P5P supplements”) are adulterated under FDC Act § 402(f). Despite the fact that P5P is the bioactive—and natural—form of vitamin B6, Medicure want to see the product banned from sale by the US dietary supplement industry because its marketing of P5P-containing supplements undermines the company’s incentive to continue developing its drug product (MC-1).

Dr Robert Verkerk, ANH’s executive & scientific director, says, “This is an astonishing development that shows just how easily pharma companies are willing to show their hand. Well I’m sorry, natural got there first! You can’t just decide to have a natural form of a product banned because it interferes with your drug patents. We’ve found two patents secured by Medicure for P5P to be used in cases of heart disease. It seems they’ve come to the same realization as millions around the world—vitamins and other natural products can be used to help protect you from chronic diseases, including heart disease.”

Medicure Pharma has in excess of $21 million to protect today, says Datamonitor, but sales for its label use, to reduce reperfusion injury from inflammation following heart bypass grafts, is set to hit nearly $89 million by 2012.

To read an abstract of a recently published clinical trial on MC-1, published in the Journal of the American Medical Assocation, click here. The trial shows that MC-1 had no benefit in reducing deaths or heart attacks in mid to high risk patients undergoing heart bypass surgery. Perhaps Medicure should have been looking at using the natural bioactive form of B6, along with food forms of folate and B12, to help reduce the risk of heart disease in the first place. A recent, large scale Japanese study, published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition (2008 Feb;27(1): 127-36), which included 468,472 years of follow-up, concluded "Dietary intake of vitamin B6 was associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease among middle-aged non-multivitamin supplement users. Dietary folate and vitamin B12 were also suggested to be protective factors for coronary heart disease."

To access the Medicure Pharma petition, click here.

Glaxosmithkline’s attempt to shut down competition from natural products industry in weight loss field

On 17 April 2008, the world’s second largest drug companies, GSK, along with the American Dietetic Association and the Obesity Society—both regarded by many as fronts for the pharma industry— petitioned the FDA to try to prevent any dietary supplement product making weight loss claims. The company wants weight loss claims to be re-classified as disease claims, therefore making them the sole domain of treatments with licensed pharmaceuticals. GSK’s Alli product is the only weight loss drug that in competition with the wide range of dietary supplements that help support weight loss—and Alli has become the third top-selling obesity drug less than a year after its launch.

Read Foodnavigator article dated 18 June 2008, showing how over 600 submissions have been made to the FDA. This is after Nutraingredients USA, Food navigator's sister publication, was led to believe—just 8 days earlier—that only 14 comments had been submitted.

Commenting on the GSK petition, Verkerk added, “It looks like GSK and their partners were trying to cover up the extent of public opposition to what they're trying to do with the FDA. Obesity is a big growth area, not just for the unwitting sufferers, but also for Big Food which contributes so greatly to the problem. The Pharma industry—which works in cahoots with Big Food—now wants a slice of the action and it wants to eliminate the main source of competition—the natural products industry. US citizens must engage with these petitions and have their say. The time for sitting on the side lines is over.”

Please, sign these petitions!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Far Infrared Heat Sauna

The last few weeks, I have been consumed with studying more about purchasing a far infra red heat sauna. From what I've been reading, this is the best type of sauna for health. It aides in weight loss(600 calories in half an hour! Not just water either, fat too!), cleansing the skin, relieving stress, relaxing muscles, and many more wonderful things.

Far infra red is a spectrum of light that emanates from the sun. These are not the UVA rays or UVB rays, but healthy rays that promote cleansing properties. This type of sauna is better because it deeply penetrates the skin and tissue, cleansing the tissue and healing.

Like many healthy products and tools, the sauna's tend to be on the expensive side. But not overly so. Some very between $1800-$6000, while I've seen some as low as $1300.

I like them and am hoping to raise enough funds to get one later this summer or later this year.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Top Soil Depletion

I was just reading this article on and I found it quite interesting. The article speaks to soil depletion, and I think this is a very important topic. We need start taking better care of our soil buy recycling food back into it. Compost! Compost!Compost! Admittedly, I have been neglecting my own compost pile, but that will not always be the case. I plan on taking better care of my compost pile better in the future. Anyway, this article is very interesting, but I found it to be devoid of solutions to the top soil depletion problem. So, I did a little digging (no pun intended), and I found another article that gives more details into what can be done.

To sum up a lot of information, it lists four ways to slow the depletion of top soil:
- Compost leaves from fall
- Eat local from small farms
- Don't support corn products like ethanol (I know gas prices are through the roof, but this about something more important than that)
- Buy direct from farmers

Until next time!

Featured Website of the Week

I think it is important that everyone that reads my blog get a good amount of information, and good links to websites that are important. This one website I came across has given some information on the future of the internet as we know it. So this website,, is the FWW. This website give disturbing news that by the year 2012(more likely sooner), the internet will be regulated and converted to a TV-package like system where you would have to pay for a certain amount of websites, and then pay an additional fee for other websites. This is worrisome because I think this would lead to the end of websites like the ones I have listed in my links, and this blog (I am a college student who cannot afford unnecessary fees). That, to me, means that information on natural health and news on governmental escapades, will be silenced. Spread the word, that is the only way to ensure

Friday, June 13, 2008

Featured Website of the Week

This weeks FWW is for their honest reporting and in-depth articles. As I read the editor's, Mike Adam's, news piece exposing psychiatry, I thought, 'Wow, what a wonderful resource!'
Some other health website have an agenda and promote products regularly, but this website offers honest, non-incentive reporting, and I like that.

Just as a reminder to all why websites like are important, here is a video detailing just some of the escapades of conventional medicine.

For your viewing pleasure:

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Just an update for the readers, I have added my email address, and labels so that my posts can be more readily accessible. Also, I am adding two new links to my Sites of Interest. These two sites are my favorite health sites because they provide very helpful information. One, is the Weston A. Price Foundation, and this site features a whole host of important health truths that everyone needs to know. From alerts about injustices in raw milk legislation, to information on the safety of GMO soy products, I think this site and the work of the late Weston A. Price is a must for everyone to review, and frankly, I cannot believe it took me this long to post the link!

The second website is Real Milk, and it will help you locate raw milk sellers in your area (it helped me find my raw milk vendor). This site will help you not only find raw milk, but it also offers a lot of information on raw milk and how safe it actually is.

Just to keep you guys updated!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Growing Importance of Vitamin D

The " sun-shine" vitamin (my favorite name for it) or vitamin D is having new functions attached to it. For the longest time, it was thought that vitamin D only played a role in bone health, as nothing more than a "help-meet" if you will for calcium and phosphorus. Now-a-days, its role in various biological functions is becoming more apparent.

As a side note, you would think that we would regard this vitamin higher since our body has very many vitamin D receptors. But, we often find ourselves making the important things smaller than they really are.

Anyway, two articles on pointed two the importance of vitamin D. One article relays how vitamin D can help prevent type I diabetes.

This next article, however, really speaks to an important issue: how seemingly healthy children can really be vitamin D deficient. It is some common today for people to think if you look healthy, well, then you are healthy. That is not always the case.

All in all, we need to get over this fear of the environment. "The sun will Kill you! The sun will KILL YOU!" that is the mantra of modern medicine. They say you need sun block to protect you from the sun and skin cancer, but those sunscreens probably cause cancer. Just get appropriate amounts of sun exposure (about fifteen minutes per day for lighter toned people; people of darker complexions need more time) and take plenty of raw milk and vitamin D!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Featured Website of the Week

This week's FWW is

To me, this site is really important because it gives scientific evidence to Creation. As a natural health advocate and avid creationist, I believe whole-heartedly that this website serves a great purpose, and that purpose is spreading the truth of Creation.

Unlike its counter part AIG, provides more scientific evidence. Not to berate AIG, but it was more designed to sway laymen, so it serves its purpose. however, satisfies the scientist in me, so, this website is one that I think everybody should view.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Featured Website of the Week

I know this is the second time Featured Website of the Week (FWW) I posted, but this is a really important site, and I feel that it can help many people.

This week, since I have independently researching natural beauty, I felt it necessary to mention this website, Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Database, because it can help people really see what they put on their skin, their hair, and what is essentially going into their bodies.

As an avid skin care enthusiast, I found it quite useful in helping me convert from chemically-filled, carcinogenic creams, lotions and personal care products that were harming me. I encourage all reading this passage to really take into account what is put on your skin. This site will definitely be a great help!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Monsanto: Monopoly on All Food

This is absolutely outrageous! I cannot believe that this company is doing this! How can you patent life? This video, and others, expose how sinister this company, Monsanto, really is. The video exposes the plans of Monsanto to patent genes and life.

It is long, but a must for everyone to see. Remember, keep informed, you never know when information like this will become unavailable.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Featured Website of the Week

This website has made the Featured Websites of the Week list simply because it offers great deals on juicers, sprouters, dehydrators and water purifiers that will make going natural and raw an easier step.

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog on going raw and its importance. Well, if you are looking to start consuming raw foods more, this is a great place to get discount prices.

Of there wide selection of juicers, I think the champion juicer looks pretty good, and it is only about $199 (a steal if you are looking for a good juicer!).

Summer is almost here, so if you looking to lose a few, get rid of that un-sightly cellulite, clear up your acne, or just get healthier overall, this site is definitely a great place to start!

This site will be added to the links.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Birth Defects and Antidepressants

I was reading this article on the Science Daily website, and honestly, I found it to be quite unnerving. I can't be certain, and this is merely conjecture;however, I think this study was cooked up to help pass the MOTHER'S Act.

In a attempt to curtail postpartum depression numbers, the mainstream medical industry came up with the bright idea of drugging newly pregnant women with dangers Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) drugs. This is a pretty bad idea, given the history SSRI drugs have (Columbine, Virginia Tech, etc.). My problem is, we don't yet know the effects these drugs have on the fetus and frankly, I am not for treating women and fetuses as guinea pigs. Here is an example of what SSRIs have done and what they can do:

By Michael Ollove
Sun Staff
Originally published May 22, 2003

ALTOONA, Pa. - Those who love Mitch and Cookie Grace are bleakly consistent in the metaphor they use to describe the couple's circumstance this past year. Invariably, they turn to the imagery of death.

"I see them dying right before my eyes," Sharon Mock, Cookie's younger sister, says in the back room of the Graces' cheery scrapbook store.

"It's like an ongoing funeral," is how Sam Ebersole, a longtime foreman in Mitch's contracting company, puts it outside the Graces' Tudor-style home in adjacent Hollidaysburg.

Other old friends, the Lingenfelters, for example, and Dan and Bonnie Bartley, also perceive the Graces among the living in literal terms only. A year ago, Mitch and Cookie, both in their mid-50s, were on the same track as most of those in their circle, contentedly advancing toward old age while enjoying the returns on lives earnestly lived. Many of those rewards they expected would come by way of their proudest project, their only child, Erika.
Even the Graces don't believe those blessings will arrive now. Contentment, fulfillment, pleasure - no one realistically believes those will be part of a future belonging to Mitch and Cookie. Their lives, Fran Lingenfelter says mournfully, seem only a slight variation on death itself. "I don't know how I'd go on," she concludes. "I'd be dead."

Maybe it should be expected that death would be the operative language in regard to the Graces. Death - or murder, more precisely - is what has sundered their lives. The homicides of two people they never met, never laid eyes on, had never heard of, marks their ruination. The remaining defendant arising from those murders awaits trial in a Maryland jail cell two hours to the southeast. She weighs barely 95 pounds, almost too frail to lift the chains she must wear when she is outside her cell. For these last 25 years, this wispy figure has been the be-all, the end-all in the once providential lives of Mitch and Cookie.

Not so long ago, The Altoona Mirror regularly heralded her unflappability on the basketball court as Hollidaysburg High's star point guard. Over the last year, Erika Elaine Sifrit, nee Grace, has moved to even more prominence in her hometown newspaper. She is accused of helping to perpetrate one of the most gruesome crimes in memory in Ocean City, Md., where she and her husband, Benjamin Sifrit, traveled last Memorial Day weekend for 10 days of relaxation....
The rest of the story can be found here.

For the next few weeks, I am going to post a special link that I urge all MUST sign! Click here if you are against this proposal.

Also, this is a good complementary article.