Thursday, September 4, 2008

Article on Natural News

Some one emailed me with a critique of my latest article on Diabetes on Natural News.
They wrote:

I wish you had read more about Weston price before publishing your article that appeared recently in Natural News. Also maybe read Gary Taubes book "Good Calories, Bad Calories". You recommended in your article that people avoid fat in their diet. That is the most ridiculous thing. Diabetes is a carbohydrate disease and the cure is less carbs, more greans, more eggs, grassfed beef, organic pork, (good fats).

Although typed a response in the comment section, I still don't feel that my answer was what it should be.

This article was adapted from paper format to article format, and it was a paper I did for my nutrition class. I knew that the role that fat plays in insulin resistance is minimal at best, but I put that information in because my teacher who graded the project instructed me to do so. Not removing that information was an oversight on my part.

Carbohydrates are really the instigator of insulin resistance, and the commentor was correct in pointing out that fact. Also, I agree with almost everything the anonymous user recommends, with the exception of adding organic pork to the diet.

One important part of health I think is that the prescriptions of the Bible should be followed. The Bible does not condemn the practice of meat eating, but only the meats described by the Bible should be consumed. Animals that chew cud and part the hoof, birds that are not webbed footed or birds of prey, fish with fins and scales(these and more descriptions can be found in Lev. 11 and Deut. 14) : these prescription for health were given to us by God to protect us and keep us well.

Another prescription, Sabbath rest, needs to be observed as well. Vegetarians point to the good health of Seventh-day Adventists as evidence of their superior health. I do not think that it is the vegetarianism that contributes to the good health, because there are many in the Seventh-day Adventist faith who do eat meat (according to Biblical Command), and have the same health benefits. I believe this is because Seventh-day Adventists honor the Sabbath day as God commanded, along with the health prescriptions given.

With that said, the work of Dr. Price was very good, it showed the wonders of God's creation, but we need to follow the prescription of the Bible in terms of diet.

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All 4 Natural Health said...

Hi Ella,

I find it interesting how you have quoted the Bible to say that humans are supposed to eat (certain types of) meat. I've actually come across numerous people who quote the Bible in saying that humans are supposed to be vegetarians!

Personally, I believe in vegetarianism, although not for religious reasons; I just feel it makes sense, overall, for health, compassion, environment, etc.

I've nothing against meat-eating though. I still eat some. But if possible, I think we should go for organic meats. The regular commercially farmed animals are raised in such a terrible way, it just freaks me out sometimes.