Friday, May 7, 2010

Updates, Cholesterol and Saturated Fat and other news.

Since my last post, I have made a few changes in my life.  First, I have decided to take some time off from school and explore more of my options, and I moved in with my sister who I hadn't seen for eight years.  It has all been so wonderful, and I feel good about my decision and I think it was a really smart move for me. We get along really well (disregarding the usual sister-sister, "but I want to wear that!" spats) and I have been able to share and talk about nutrition with her and talk all about my philosophies on life and child rearing.

Now, I don't have any children of my own, but I just love to read about baby/child care.  It is one of those things that I just love to do, I can't explain it. At my sister's apartment, we bet baby magazines for some reason -- neither of us know why they are being sent -- and just reading through them is horrifying!  This is what these magazines think parenting is all about?!

 I am really trying to be fair, but I find it really difficult to find anything of substance.  I like the stories that the mom's tell, and the adorable baby pictures, but other than that, its nothing more than pure propaganda. How?-- the countless pictures and adds for baby formula or baby foods, the ridiculous materialism that saturates each page, the shallow nutrition advice.  Do you really need a $500 crib, or a pacifier, or the latest baby-genius concoction?  How about something organic. No, I don't mean the label that means virtually nothing now.  I am speaking of something real.  How about stories about mothers who garden and produce their own food.  Maybe some anecdotes about how a mother, instead of getting the latest stroller, buying a sling. 

I just want stories of that show mothers getting in touch with their feminine essence.  I want to read about a woman who rejected pain-meds during her child birth because she knew what she could do and she knew what was best for her. I want to hear stories about how father's masculine essence was tapped to aid him in being a father.  I want stories about the best stroller or the best car for a growing family, and read stories about people doing different things. 

And the nutrition advice. I think that was a typo actually, because their "advice" on nutrition is really a recipe for cavities and poor development.

Healing Our Children: Because Your New Baby Matters! Sacred Wisdom for Preconception, Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting (ages 0-6)
Healing our Children, this is an absolutely wonderful book!  It ties in enlightening insights on our world and our reality with the wonderful work of Weston A. Price, forming a beautifully informative and enjoyable reading experience. I don't want this to sound like an ad for the book, but I am really impressed with it.  It has parenting advice that works, and that is a breath of fresh air.

I usually read bits of this book at a time, picking and choosing different sections I think are really good and important.  I love how this is a real book about real nutrition, not the politically correct, saturated-fat-is-bad vitriol that permeates other books and magazines. 

Which brings me to my next topic.  While searching through my email, I came across an article from Everyday Health about saturated fats.  I perused it, and I have since made plans to cancel my subscription.  The regurgitated propaganda information was just more of the same, "don't eat eggs, don't eat liver." The article actually starts off with "According to the American Heart Association..." that is the first clue that we should just close the browser and tab.  I, unfortunately, continued forward, and I was just disgusted. 

I know, this is how the world works.  The guys with the most money get to put out whatever garbage they want, wrap it in a pretty package, and sell it to the public. I haven't forgotten that we are a money driven society where the only thing that matters are how many Ben-Franklins you can pile up, but sometimes I hold out hope that maybe there will be a glimmer of truth that shines forth so that the majority can learn about true nutrition, and what life is all about: family, love, and good health.

I guess I shouldn't hold my breath.