Monday, September 29, 2008


I am not a huge fan of conspiracy theories, and I always try to objectively view the evidence before coming to any conclusions. I don't mean to come off paranoid, I try to always think things through when I see things like this, and the video has some pretty valid points I kind of stumbled on this video on youtube about a covert operation by the government, where they spray chemtrails. If you look up in the sky on a clear day, you might see some jets or airplanes flying overhead, leaving behind a trail that is supposed to disappear. Well, the maker of the video believes that the chemicals left behind these jets serve a dubious purpose.

Supposedly, there has been a continual spraying of low density particles in the sky. I. Like, the video shows a picture of deep blue skies during the day, and a beautiful display of stars at nighttime in Arizona. While I have always lived in Pennsylvania, I can comfortably say that I have never really seen such deep colors in the sky before.

The Pennsylvania skies are usually that pale blue color/white color that is described in the video. And on overcast nights, the sky is usually red (not sure if that has a whole lot to do with the video or chemicals sprayed in the air, but I have always wondered why the sky is so red at night).

Any way, the video goes on to say that these chemtrails have been sprayed over America since World War II for sinister reasons. The chemicals in the spray are known to cause infertility, and lower the pH of the rain.

Here is the video:

it is about 40 minutes long but I think it is pretty important to watch.

At first, I thought the message of this video was kind of ridiculous. I mean, the government spraying chemicals over us to poison us? It seemed kind of silly. But then, once I thought about it more, it seemed a lot more plausible. I mean, they sprayed chemical pesticides over San Francisco this year, the FDA continues to poison us with their so-called medicines, and more recently, our own government laid the burden of bailing out the stock markets on us the tax payer, to the tune of $700 billion dollars. So why not? I mean, our government has had our best interests at heart, this would seem like a small task considering their track-record.

A good website for more about this is mentioned in the video, but I will post it here. The website is called Carnicon, and it has a wealth of information.

Another video which is interesting:

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G said...

Chemtrails are very real. Just exactly what they are composed of and why they are being applied globally are much more complex questions. There is ample evidence to prove that weather modification is ongoing. It is easy to find the U.$. patents for metallic powder dispersal into the atmosphere by means of mixing with jet fuel and applied via jet exhaust with the goal of visual or radar obscuration and weather modification. There is more than convincing evidence for those willing to dig a bit. However, the missing component is a credible whistle-blower or even a simple admission that any type of "secret" program even exists. This is one can of worms they don't want opened. There are probably at least a dozen different reasons for applying atmospheric particulate. The only thing they "admit" to is cloud seeding and military dumping of "chaff", but extensive documentation exists revealing large-scale weather modification programs in existence for some time.

Yes, Virginia, chemtrails are real. It is WHAT they are which is in question.

Thanks for looking up and waking up and spreading the truth.