Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Site

I just found this great blog! I am so excited! Everybody should check it out!

The News today...

Some very poignant news has been reported today.

First, ABC news has reported how the upcoming election (8 days from now) will effect the teetering future of the FDA. I say, good riddance to them! They never do their job, and they spend a majority of their time keeping harmless natural health products such as raw milk and herbs from those who want to use it, yet they let(time and time again) tainted medicines-- I use that term very loosely--get to their unsuspecting users. What happens when you cannot do your job well (or if your not doing what your job describes)? -- you get fired, and it is high time the FDA got fired!

In more disturbing news, it was reported that the UK has begun adding toxic fluoride to children's milk in schools -- yet another unhealthful addition to children's diets. Let's just hope that such a practice will not be instituted in the United States.

Another article by ABC news details how staph infections are getting harder to kill. I wonder why? Could it be because of all the unnecessary antibiotics pumped into us through commercial meat/dairy, tap water? Could it be because antibiotics are given out like candy to people who will not benefit from them (i.e. cold and flu sufferers)? Mysterious...

ABC news is really pumping out misinformation today. In another article, Ten Myths Misconceptions About Cold & Flu, the article is full of dangerous and false information. False information like getting a flu shot during pregnancy is a great idea--its like they want the kids to be born with autism/other behavioral problems. This article is basically an advertisement for flu shots.

Today's news was somewhat disappointing, depressing and misleading. For more accurate and helpful news, I always check Natural News or Mercola before I check what the MSM has to say about health.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Sites of Interest

Just wanted to post some website that I think are pretty useful.

The first one I have talked about a few times on this blog, it is Natural Birth and Baby Care.

I provides some invaluable information for raising a healthy baby, naturally.

The second one is one that I think is important because I have read a lot of negative things about circumcisions, but I really do not buy into the negative hype. The website is about holistic circumcision, and it is a really helpful resource for those who want to circumcise their sons naturally, with minimal pain to the child.

The third website is a website that details the milestones that babies should be reaching as the grow.

I will be adding these websites to my sites of interest area on the right-hand side of this blog, beneath the poll. I hope that these website prove to be useful.

Update (Oct 4. 2009): I no longer support circumcision, just a want to let you all know! I am against it now.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Soy Truth

Hello Everyone! Sorry that I have been a bit absent from this blog the last few days, but I do have something really important to share this post.

I was perusing the articles on Dr. Mercola's website, and I came a cross an article that really drives home the point that soy is NOT a health food.

The article, entitled The Evidence Against Soy, shows just unhealthy this product really is.

It contributes to early puberty in girls, all kinds of hormonal problems in boys, a host of cancers: it is just not good for consumption.

Now Fermented soy is not as bad, because the fermentation process eliminates a lot of the problems associated with unfermented soy. Still, fermented or not, soy should not be consumed in large quantities.

I thought the article was really good, and I also enjoyed the comments to the article. Very nice exchange of information.

This one comment by a user, Bert Grosman, was pretty good:

Saturated fat and cholesterol have nothing to do with cardiovascular disease. The correlation between them is the biggest lie ever perpetrated on the people of the world. Following are a number of little known facts regarding cholesterol which are in direct conflict with commonly accepted assumptions. Cholesterol is a requirement of every living cell and we cannot live without it. It is the building block of sex hormones. Fifteen percent of the dry weight of the human brain is cholesterol. The body synthesizes 2,000 mg. daily of this essential substance. In comparison, even a high cholesterol diet provides only about 800 mg. Furthermore, when large quantities of cholesterol are ingested the body simply synthesizes less such that an excess is avoided. Animal studies which induced atheroma with dietary cholesterol used the human equivalent of 15,000 mg. of cholesterol a day. Animals fed a diet consisting of 81% animal fat, but with concurrent high levels of protein, vitamins and minerals showed no pathological changes in the aorta or the heart. Studies of primitive African cultures have shown no correlation between dietary intake and atherosclerosis even among 400 men of the Masai tribe who ate meat and milk exclusively. A strong correlation did exist, however, between atherosclerosis and consumption of refined sugar flour and vegetable oils. In 1914 only 15% of all heart disease was athero sclerotic in nature; today that has risen to over 90%. Over 50% of adult Americans now die of cardiovascular disease. Yet the only significant change in dietary patterns in Western countries over the last 100 years has not been in fat consumption but in refined sugar and flour intake. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on research.