Sunday, March 29, 2009

Update on reading

As many of you have noticed, I have not updated or posted on this website for a bit a of time. That is because I am really trying to immerse myself in learning about natural health and natural health practices. I have been doing a bit of reading, from the new edition of Ron Schmid's Truth About Raw Milk book, to Keeping a Family Cow book who's author's name escapes me at the moment (but it was recommended in Nourishing Traditions book), and I am learning a lot!

I am excited to really start applying more of these principles to my life, although it is difficult because money is often a big obstacle, I am confident that I will be blessed by God, though, so I am not worried.

I have also been doing a bit more reading on Chemtrails, and I was admittedly worried when I first came across this information. But then, my fears were surpressed because I realize that a) God is in control, and that b) there is always a counteraction for every negative thing, its just a matter of finding the solution to these chemtrails.

I do want to put this question out there though: Is there anyone out there who has information on counteracting the negatives of the chemtrails?