Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I knew it!!

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Whilst perusing the articles on Natural news, I came across Mr. Mike Adams latest satirical drawing (very entertaining by the way) which I have posted above. The ensuing commentary beneath the cartoon struck me the most. It solidifies a long held fear that this whole tomato-salmonella non-sense was merely an attempt by FDA big-wigs to push food irradiation (which is essentially the process of nuking your food).

They create a problem (or simply not reveal the true source of the problem), make people sick, people demand something be done, the FDA mandates all produce be irradiated, and thus ends any semblance of health this nation once had.

I think people need to get over their fear of germs and bacteria. We live in an environment that is teaming with bacteria and viruses, there is no way to escape it! If you isolate yourself from all the germs, all you are going to end up with are immensely sick people. That is what is happening in the United States, I believe. I used to be a huge "germophobe", but I have since changed my ways and adopted a more mature relationship with bacteria. Bacteria is not bad if your Immune System is good, and your Immune System will not be good unless you expose yourself to bacteria and viruses.

More importantly than the general public resolving their fear of bacteria and germs, the Health Organizations need to wake up, or stop their fear-mongering, or some combination of both.

All in all, I had a stinking suspicion about the motives behind scaring the public into a tizzy about salmonella poisoning, and though there haven't been any admissions or calls for massive food irradiation, I think that in the coming weeks, we will see more of that.

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