Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Now, I am not one of those celebrity blogs, and I do not post about celebrity gossip or celebrities for that matter, but when it comes to celebrities promoting, upholding, and forwarding the spread of lies, I feel it necessary to post about it.

X-files actress Amanda Peet has publicly come out and said she has vaccinated her baby and has decided to do what she claims to be against: use her celebrity status to forward a position that should be left to the "experts".

I may be plain paranoid, but I have a strong feeling that Ms. Peet is just a pawn for the CDC/Vaccine makers. You have celebrities like Jenny Mcarthy, who has a child with autism (she was able to help him herself naturally by the way) and has come out against vaccination schedules, and you also have actor Charlie Sheen who is dead-set against vaccinating his two daughters (and was furious to learn they had been vaccinated without his consent); when you have celebrities such as the above learning and coming out against vaccines, I feel that getting Amanda Peet "on board" is just a way to try and combat this.

She does have something right though, as contradictory as her stance may be that you shouldn't listen to celebrities on issues like these, I agree; therefore, I must conclude that her testimony about vaccinating her daughter is nothing more than mere rhetoric to promote an evil agenda. I have actually done the research, and I will never vaccinate my children.



Kathleen said...

I completely understand why vaccines are scary. However, having seen photos, and heard stories about polio, smallpox, and even seeing people die from tetanus, don't you think some vaccines are have been hugely responsible for eradicating deadly disease? It wasn't that long ago that it was common to see a youngster in braces, unable to walk well, or ever run because of polio.

I think there might be a bit of paranoia, not necessarily across the board, but as with all things, the answer must lie somewhere in the middle.

Vaccines are so akin to homeopathy. You provide a small dose of the offending organism and the body can fight the disease.

Ella said...

I understand what you are saying, but I think that the risks are starting to outweigh the benefits. With ingredients like formaldehyde, mercury, animal parts, aborted fetuses: things like that make vaccination almost null. If the formulas were to be revised, along with a program of superior diet, I think that such diseases would be kept at bay.