Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Far Infrared Heat Sauna

The last few weeks, I have been consumed with studying more about purchasing a far infra red heat sauna. From what I've been reading, this is the best type of sauna for health. It aides in weight loss(600 calories in half an hour! Not just water either, fat too!), cleansing the skin, relieving stress, relaxing muscles, and many more wonderful things.

Far infra red is a spectrum of light that emanates from the sun. These are not the UVA rays or UVB rays, but healthy rays that promote cleansing properties. This type of sauna is better because it deeply penetrates the skin and tissue, cleansing the tissue and healing.

Like many healthy products and tools, the sauna's tend to be on the expensive side. But not overly so. Some very between $1800-$6000, while I've seen some as low as $1300.

I like them and am hoping to raise enough funds to get one later this summer or later this year.

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