Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Growing Importance of Vitamin D

The " sun-shine" vitamin (my favorite name for it) or vitamin D is having new functions attached to it. For the longest time, it was thought that vitamin D only played a role in bone health, as nothing more than a "help-meet" if you will for calcium and phosphorus. Now-a-days, its role in various biological functions is becoming more apparent.

As a side note, you would think that we would regard this vitamin higher since our body has very many vitamin D receptors. But, we often find ourselves making the important things smaller than they really are.

Anyway, two articles on pointed two the importance of vitamin D. One article relays how vitamin D can help prevent type I diabetes.

This next article, however, really speaks to an important issue: how seemingly healthy children can really be vitamin D deficient. It is some common today for people to think if you look healthy, well, then you are healthy. That is not always the case.

All in all, we need to get over this fear of the environment. "The sun will Kill you! The sun will KILL YOU!" that is the mantra of modern medicine. They say you need sun block to protect you from the sun and skin cancer, but those sunscreens probably cause cancer. Just get appropriate amounts of sun exposure (about fifteen minutes per day for lighter toned people; people of darker complexions need more time) and take plenty of raw milk and vitamin D!


Teris said...

Great article on Vitamin D, also how much of the Nigella Sativa does one take for pancreatic problems? I was reading your article on that subject which was quite amazing. Great information you have researched. I have a site on dog natural health you may wish to take a look...regards

Ella said...

Unfortunately, the article I was reading focused more on creating more prescriptions using the Nigella Sativa, so they didn't give an actual amount people should take. Sorry I can't give you a better answer!

Jenny Clark said...

Good Morning America just did a story on this yesterday... or was it Wednesday, I can't recall now. Anyhow they talked about lack of breastfeeding and too much sunscreen as factors - and did mention towards the end cod-liver oil... but the whole story never really talked about the foods americans eat that aren't nourishing... they pretty much recommended taking supplements...

Ella said...

Its good that the word is getting out about the importance of vitamin D supplementation and how the sun is not evil. Though cod liver oil is a great source, I think our primary source should be the sun because it is a lot cheaper and with depleting numbers of all kinds of fish, I think it would be a good time to lay off the fish for few years to let them repopulate the seas.