Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The News today...

Some very poignant news has been reported today.

First, ABC news has reported how the upcoming election (8 days from now) will effect the teetering future of the FDA. I say, good riddance to them! They never do their job, and they spend a majority of their time keeping harmless natural health products such as raw milk and herbs from those who want to use it, yet they let(time and time again) tainted medicines-- I use that term very loosely--get to their unsuspecting users. What happens when you cannot do your job well (or if your not doing what your job describes)? -- you get fired, and it is high time the FDA got fired!

In more disturbing news, it was reported that the UK has begun adding toxic fluoride to children's milk in schools -- yet another unhealthful addition to children's diets. Let's just hope that such a practice will not be instituted in the United States.

Another article by ABC news details how staph infections are getting harder to kill. I wonder why? Could it be because of all the unnecessary antibiotics pumped into us through commercial meat/dairy, tap water? Could it be because antibiotics are given out like candy to people who will not benefit from them (i.e. cold and flu sufferers)? Mysterious...

ABC news is really pumping out misinformation today. In another article, Ten Myths Misconceptions About Cold & Flu, the article is full of dangerous and false information. False information like getting a flu shot during pregnancy is a great idea--its like they want the kids to be born with autism/other behavioral problems. This article is basically an advertisement for flu shots.

Today's news was somewhat disappointing, depressing and misleading. For more accurate and helpful news, I always check Natural News or Mercola before I check what the MSM has to say about health.

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