Thursday, January 29, 2009

In the News

Today, I was browsing through some of my favorite news sites, and I found some pretty interesting things.

First off, CBS news reports that a news study supposedly in Italy adds to the, and I quote, "Mountain of evidence" pointing thimerosal away from autism. I went to this article with an open mind, and reading it I found a few problems. For one thing, lack of adequate sourcing. I would have to research this study more. I personally think it is garbage.
Also, this link is very interesting:

Monday, January 26, 2009

Vicks vapor rub danger

A story posted on MSNBC details how Vicks vapor rub probably makes kids sicker not better.

What is with all of these childhood cold & flu remedies that end up doing more harm than good? Why is it these cold-medication manufacturers are delivering not only faulty products, but potentially harmful ones? Is the medical industry so corrupt that now our cold medicines are no longer safe? It is such a shame, I would rather bargain with massive amounts of vitamin C.

What I found most disturbing about this was the responses of the mothers: One said, and I quote, ";I’m a rebel mom,' said Rosenberg, the mother of Lucie, 17 months, and Clara, 3." This mother was referring to the fact that even though the study found that Vicks Vapor rub could be potentially dangerous, she will continue to use it on her children. I am all for parental rights and freedom, but you would think that if something was found to make kids sick, you might at least consider using more natural approaches. I may be being too harsh, but I know if I had a child and I read this (I wouldn't use traditional methods) I would especially stay away from these over-the-counter 'remedies'.

In my personal research, I have read that chicken soup made from homemade chicken stock and good vegetables is the best remedy for colds, congestion, stuffiness, etc. I know growing up my mom would make this drink consisting of garlic, honey, cayenne pepper, and lemon juice, and it works extrodinarily well. Oranges, grapefruit, other fruits, some vegetables, these are all potential cures of colds. Garlic is a powerful remedy, when chewed and masticated. Cayenne pepper by it self can also allieviate some symptoms. Also, herbs like echinecea, work well. These, along with lots of rest and sleep can really get rid of a nasty cold.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

News today

Today is newsworthy day, not only because Barak H. Obama is being inagurated as the 44th and first African-American president.

Since this story is already heavily covered, I thought I might post some important stories that might slip under the radar on this historic day:

-ABC news health is reporting that there has been a spike in the incidence of MRSA among children. Not too surprising since we live in a pretty 'sterile' environment, which is not very good. If you watch television long enough, you are sure to come across cleaning product advertisments touting a 99.9% kill rate of all bacteria, good and bad. We need to stress cleanliness, not sterility.

-Naturalnews is reporting something particularly, shocking: HRT drugs shrink women's brains. Just another strange side-effect that such drugs have on women, and more reason to stay away from these drugs and search for alternatives.

-Naturalnews is also reporting that the Heart disease gene is virtually a useless indicator of heart disease incidence.

-The Salmonella scare is still in high gear. I betcha' this is all going to lead to the "renewed importance of irradiating all food." It seems like in the last few years, every year started off with a bacteria epidemic where the health officials have no idea where it is coming from.

A story I found particularly interesting was one posted today on Sciencedaily. It is about how DNA may not be the only source of heritability.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Book list

This year I am wholly dedicated to learning more and more about good nutrition and healthy ways of living. So, I have begun reading several books which I think will be important, and have compiled a list of books that I will read that are pretty relevant to health. Already, I have read a great deal of Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon and Sugar Blues by William Dufty, and I am excited to continue reading these kinds of books. I just got Darwin Day in America by John G. West, and I cannot wait to read that, I am getting the new edition of The Untold Story of Milk by Ron Schmidt.

This is going to be an exceptionally enlightening year this year.

I suggest reading some of these books because they have important truths that need to be dispelled, health myths that need to be exposed, and really good information. I encourage all to read these books!


Interesting title right? Well, it is actually the title of a movie I just watched yesterday, and I thought that it was important especially in these days of cloning, genetic testing, what have you.

This movie was made over ten years ago (1997) and stars Ethan Hawke as a genetically "inferior" man who uses the identity of a genetically "superior" man (Jude Law) to make his dreams of space travel come true. It sounds like a silly premise, but this movie speaks volumes to the dangers of eugenics and playing God with genetics.

In the movie, the world is separated by who was natural born and who was genetically engineered to be superior or perfect (perfect hair color, perfect eyes, etc.). In a world where women lop off their breast because they have the cancer gene(not the cancer itself!) and where newborns will have their DNA extracted, with or without parental consent, I think movies like this are going to become increasingly important.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year, New Resolutions. . .

With a new year upon us, we have new trials to face, new resolutions that were made/altered/broken, a year that will be big and important. This year, I have really committed myself to expanding my knowledge of natural health. I am going to read some really good health books, and I have already read most of the nutrition classic, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, so I plan to be bringing more in interesting posts and articles concerning health.

After reading a large portion of Nourishing Traditions, I have decided to start lacto-fermenting a lot more foods. I am going to start making beet kvass, apple cider, continue to make Kefir, and make various other things. I cannot wait to get Wild Fermentation by Sandor Elix Katz.

I have high hopes for 2009, and hope you do as well.