Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holistic Circumcision

Its been a while since my last post (over a month!). I have been extremely busy with school and other things so I have not been able to post on here. However, I am almost done with this semester, so I will be posting a lot more frequently than before.

I wanted to continue the theme of raising babies naturally and healthfully, so I have posted a link for people who would like to circumcise their sons in a more humane and less painful/stressful manner. The website is Holistic Circumcision.

This is an important resource for parents who still believe in the virtues of the Biblical practice of circumcision, but would like it to be as gentle on their son as possible. I hope this is helpful!

Update (Oct, 4 2009): I have since reversed me view of circumcision and now I believe it to be a horrendous practice. Through research I have found out that the circumcision described in the Bible is not as barbaric as the practice done in hospitals today. I have removed the above website from my sites of interest and do not promote it anymore.