Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Response to All 4 Natural Health

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Hi Ella,

I find it interesting how you have quoted the Bible to say that humans are supposed to eat (certain types of) meat. I've actually come across numerous people who quote the Bible in saying that humans are supposed to be vegetarians!

Personally, I believe in vegetarianism, although not for religious reasons; I just feel it makes sense, overall, for health, compassion, environment, etc.

I've nothing against meat-eating though. I still eat some. But if possible, I think we should go for organic meats. The regular commercially farmed animals are raised in such a terrible way, it just freaks me out sometimes.
You are right, there are many that quote the Bible to support vegetarianism by pointing to Adam and Eve. This observation has some problems however. For one thing, when Adam and Eve were in the garden, every thing was perfect. We don't live in Eden today, we live in a world where all food is contaminated to some degree, so being a pure vegetarian and maintaining good nutrition has become near-impossible. Another things is that people don't know whether or not the Lord would have continued the perpetual state of vegetarianism. By the way man was designed, it seems he is more suited for an omniverous diet.

There are also other Biblical Evidences that point to meat eating being established for eternity, so I don't think that the Lord has much of a problem with it.

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