Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another wonderful function of Broccoli

I was just perusing the articles on ScienceDaily and I came across an article that particularly piqued my interest. The article is entitles, "Broccoli Could Reverse The Heart Damaging Effects of Diabetes".

This to me represents another great function for this amazing vegetable. Broccoli once again turns out to be one of the best natural medicines around.

The wonderful, heart-saving effects can only come about by actually eating broccoli by the way, no "broccoli" supplements or anything of that nature. I am sure that these effects are multiplied 100 fold if the broccoli is organically grown.

I wanted to write about this not only because broccoli is healthy for you, but because broccoli is a perennial plant, which means that if you plant it, it will come back year after year. This is important, I think, because we need to start growing our own food. Since the FDA is hell-bent on irradiating the life (literally) out of our food supply, we need to fire back by not buying their unsafe, nuked veggies. Forest gardening, I believe, is the best alternative because it is low-maintenance, low-cost, produces high yields, along with utilizing natural ecosystems to maintain itself. It is the perfect solution!

If all of the natural food proponents could just start growing their own food, then we would be able to effect change. We could then advance onward to build community gardens for those in our neighborhoods who don't have the time, or the patience to grow food. That would better not only that one community but serve to benefit maybe the entire area. Maybe that is a bit to idealistic, maybe it is a tad naive, but it still is something I think that should be at least attempted.


Linda B. said...

Broccoli is great, but I believe it's a cruciferous vegetable, not coniferous (ref your NaturalNews diabetes article).

Ella said...

Thanks, sometimes I confuse the two terms...

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