Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Raw Milk Article

I was reading the articles on natural news, and I came across this article and I was totally enthralled with what the author wrote about. It, that is the article, was about the virtues of raw milk and how the government is doing its best to railroad peoples rights to choose one way or the other.

It is so true just how nutritious full-fat raw milk is:
* high in vitamins A (retinol), D3 and vitamin K
* high in B vitamins (although exposure to light can decrease the amounts)
* Lots of healthy bacteria that will keep your digestive track healthy and moving
* Natural, non-denatured proteins
* No pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics
* digestive enzymes galore

Bottom line, raw milk is amazing and everyone should drink it! I was so inspired by this article that I am going to go to my raw milk provider in between classes, buy a half-gallon, and drink it for lunch!

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Anonymous said...

For years I've been reading on Natural News that cows milk (in addition to being pasturised and homogenised) is for baby cows, is full of pus, causes mucus, contains dead white blood cells and natural growth hormones (for baby cows) as well as man made hormones to fatten up the cows etc etc etc

OK, so Raw Milk solves the issue of pasturisation and homogenisation - but it still has all the other stuff which was addressed on natural news (in the past) and (currently) for years.

I am so confused. I understand about raw milk being live food, with enzymes - but I just can't get it off my mind that 'cows milk is for baby cows' and contains all those nasty things as reported by Mike Adams (previously) and NotMilk.

If drinking raw milk - does it still contain growth hormones (natural, for growing baby cows), dead blood cells and it mucus forming?

Was all that info on NotMilk wrong?

Would love to not feel guilty about drinking raw milk again.

Kate xx