Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fermenting and Super Bowl

I am so excited! I just started making my first bactch of beet kvass! I hope it turns out well because I had one little concern: I used the kind of whey that Sally Fallon used in the book, but I think there might be too many milk solids! I hope that is not the case.

Also, I used a different brand of sea salt than was mentioned in the book. I hope that is not going to affect the final product because I have read some stories on how the batch can be too salty. I am also scared of it becoming alcoholic! Oh so many fears! It is my firts time lacto-fermenting anything other than milk (which is pretty easy) so I am a little nervouse! All I can do is wait and pray that every thing turns out alright.

I also am making a huge batch of kefir. I need to drink more, but I think I might have made a mistake on that as well. Typically, I only fill the container half-way up so I can easily mix the kefir, but this time I filled it almost to the top. I fear that kefir grains are sitting in the cream and not in the milk! I will stir it as soon as I get home. Oh well, you live and learn.

I ordered some new books, (I think I am addicted to Amazon shopping!). I am going to get a book about keeping, milking, and caring for a cow and I also purchased the milk book by Dr. William Douglass! I read some of quotes from his book in Nourishing Traditions and I thought to myself, "I absolutely have to get this book!" I am also excited that I am getting the latest edition of The Untold Story of Milk! I cannot wait!

This may seem frivilous to some, but in a world where our food supply is heavily tainted, unjust wars going on in the Middle East, chaos in our economy, one must take pleasure and seek relief amongst some of their favorite hobbies, and one of mine is football!

I love my Steelers and I am ecstatic they won the superbowl on sunday! I am a little saddend that I could not attend the victory parade; however, when they win their seventh title, I will go and celebrate with my townsfolk! Go Steelers!

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