Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Should Raw Milk be Illegal?

The other day, I was reading an article from that begged the question “should raw milk be illegal?” To me, that seems like such a dumb question to be posed because, as a U.S. citizen, I should have a right to choose which services I will use and which products I will buy. Limiting that is limiting my and others constitutional rights.

Another reason why that is a silly question is because as harmless as raw milk is, why would anyone waste money and resources trying to outlaw it? With skyrocketing gas prices and a seemingly never-ending war of injustice, you would think that there would be things higher on the food chain than banning raw milk. But I guess if congress can ignore the soaring monetary deficit in favor of baseball proceedings, they can do something else that is completely unnecessary and cave to FDA lobbyists.

Raw milk should NOT be made illegal because it helps so many people. I know the fat cats at big pharma and agricultural business do not want people to have access to this wonderful asset, but many people need it. I used to be a pasteurized milk enthusiast, but that was until I came across health sources that pointed me in the right direction. As a pasteurized milk drinker, I used to get bad stomach aches several times a week, and I kept gaining weight. When I switched to drink raw milk however, I felt healthier and better. My skin got brighter, I lost weight, I slept better – overall, I was healthier! And then I started to make kefir from raw milk, and now I am healthy as a horse!

Now, I know some people have not experienced such stellar from drinking raw milk results as I have; however, I think that people should still be given the option to be free and choose whatever they want.

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