Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Featured Website of the Week

I was browsing the articles of when I came across a link for this website,

Okay, I watched their video on composting and read their instructions on how to milk a goat and I am really impressed with their information. After watching their composting video, and I went out to work on my own compost pile.

What I got from the video was that in order to create your own compost pile, you need 3 parts green to 1 parts brown. Green parts would be grass clippings, banana peels, apple cores and other food scraps; while brown parts would be hay, wood chippings, leaves, etc. Another thing you need is soil because it has microorganisms that break down the green and brown parts. If the compost pile is dry, just add some water.

With all the ingredients, turn pile to speed up decomposition process. The pile is ready for gardening once it looks like potting soil.

Basically, put all these ingredients together, and you are on the way to organic gardening!

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