Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Perspectives

Greetings! It has indeed been a long time since I last posted a blog. I haven't been blogging consistently this summer, which is a shame really because I meant to become a more consistent poster. At any rate changes are still occurring in my life, its all been very positive.  I have been kind of taking a little hiatus from writing in general, not just on this blog.

I figure I should take some time, step away, and find my writing voice, but I am not sure if it will ever be found/developed.  Growth as a writer is often a constant endeavor -- no one (at least not me!) ever wakes up thinking, 'Golly, I just found how I am going to write from now on!'

Growing and changing as a writer really is no different than growing and changing as a person. The process is still the same: falter, observe, adjust, repeat. I falter in some way, make an observation, make whatever  adjustment I deem necessary, and then repeat the process and the story to other people. The only difference is that writer know how to express their experiences, turning them into wonderful stories.

I guess if you were to ask me right now where I am in the process, I guess I would be on one of the first three.  It is difficult to pinpoint where I am on the growth spectrum because I have had a growth spurt over the last month and I have been changing every single day.

Although I do have to say this situation in the Gulf has got me really miffed!  I can't stand to think of the colossal impact to the environment that it will have. 

As far as idealogically, I really haven't changed much.  I still believe in the dietary guidelines that Weston A. Price put forth, I still believe that Rx drugs are not good for people in general, and I still believe very strongly in sustainable agriculture.  I have been philosophically been changing my tune, learning more about Gnostic Christianity, Native American spiritualism, Hindu and Chinese Beliefs and many other ancient belief systems.

Today, it seems the world is trapped in this Matrix of unimportant things that have no real affect on every day life.  People seem so materialistic these days (I choose not to incriminate myself!  Talk to my lawyer if you want to know if I am materialistic or not).  Society as a whole seems so off base.  Complete strangers don't smile or greet each other fanymore, they just pass by on the street, fully equipped with a scowl.  And what is buried in their ears?  Some semblance of what might be considered music is blasting in their head, drowning them to reality and their surroundings.  Maybe it is a bit harsh, maybe this assesment is totally off base.

Hell, maybe I need to move to a new area!

The way that most people live their lives today is all about encircling themselves in a bubble -- their circle of friends, their favorite music/movies/television -- living this artificial life where oil spills happen over there, where food comes from the supermarket, and where success and financial gain replace kidness and compassion.  Everyone is out there chasing luxuries like a dog chasing endlessly after a bone (or like my cat who endlessly chases his tail ;)  )

Well, I took the red pill

I reject this culture of consumerism (**hides ipad) and I embrace the older ways of life where people would just be people.  An oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is still my oil spill. Yes, those who committed the infraction where suits and ties and are probably the biggest luxury chasers around, but it is still my oil spill.

I like the Native American philosophy that we don't own the land, but are benefactors of it.  I haven't quite gotten the concept all down, but I understood it to mean that we are all living here by the grace of Mother Earth. So this earth, it is mine and yours, but in the sense that we live here and it was here before us so we should respect it and our fellow tenants (i.e. plants, animals, etc.) 

New perspective needs to be adopted, based upon an older way of life. Stop texting and start talking, add something new to your usual daily routine, strive for growth instead of a G6, and most importantly, relish in the little moments.  These little nothings make up the whole of life, so whether it is laughing at nothing with an old friend or stealing glances of a great lover, bask in these times, and strive to remember each moment.  These transient, fleeting moments are all we have, so guard them, appreciate them and never take them for granted.

I leave you with this beautiful quote from Gandhi: 

Keep your thoughts positive,
because your thoughts become your words.
Keep your words positive,
because your words become your behaviours.
Keep your behaviours positive,
because your behaviours become your habits.
Keep your habits positive,
because your habits become your values.
Keep your values positive,
because your values become your destiny.

May the Sun always be at your face, and the wind to your back!


Johan van den Burg said...

Hi Emily :)
I sincerely hope you can point me in the right direction regarding a problem that I have regarding Black Cumin. I saw a vid about the gerson therapy and there Black Cumin was mentioned as a great agent versus pancreas cancer. My brother has it and I am trying to help. It seems that Black Cumin relates to TWO unrelated plants and after googling I found the Nigella Sativa and the Bunium Persicum, the latter of which i saw in the gerson vid. So now I am confused which one has the anti pancreas cancer properties. There seem to be misunderstandings. I hope you can help me! My email is

Johan van den Burg said...
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Johan van den Burg said...

Ghandi's quote was great and your last sentence was one I got on my birthday years ago, never forgot..

I hope you forgive me to plunge in like this and ask questions like i already know you. But you seemed a nice person to ask for help so please forgive my off topic question about Black Cumin :)
This is the link to the gershon vid: 1h 22m you can see the black cumin Bunium Persicum while at google i find a lot about Nigella Sativa, possibly both working in this field?