Monday, April 28, 2008

Is the End of Alternative Medicine Near?

As more and more people learn the truth about natural therapy vs. conventional medicine, the more and more I see the big pharmaceutical companies, the FDA/CDC, and the food companies gearing up to suppress such health information. The virtual banning of raw milk and raw almonds(according to these articles, natural1 and natural 2 respectively) and aggressive tactics used by the afore mentioned organizations is just sick and disgusting. Only the Lord knows what other evils they intend to unleash on the public!
From what I have read concerning the C-51 law in Canada, a law that strips people of their right to choose how to medicate themselves, I am beginning to see the implications this law has for the United States, and all over the world. If this law goes into effect, you can expect more raids on raw milk farms and organic farms, lower grade health products, and a whole host of other arbitrary laws that will strip us of our rights. All should learn the basics of organic farming, because a time will come when true organic farming will be done away with. I, begrudgingly, give alternative medicine and natural foods only a few more years to thrive in the US and its northern neighbor. The only way to combat these forces of oppression is to boycott and educate the people at large. Send letters to your state representative and governor, do what you can to educate people to live healthier lifestyles. Knowledge is power.
For more info on what can be done about this C-51 law, click here.

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